Skid steers for Hire in Western Australia At Trenchbusters, we have a fleet of Skid Ser loaders, and excavators in a wide range of sizes for your earthmoving project. We also carry a wide range of attachments, such as skip bins and grab buckets, so that our equipment provides the flexibility that you need.All of our machines come fitted with several pieces of equipment including a fire extinguisher, flashing light, travel beeper, and AM/FM radio. Our closed cab machines also come fitted with two-way radios for your convenience and safety.DSC00740Our Machines Our fleet includes many impressive pieces of equipment for all of your earthmoving needs. We service each machine frequently and have them replaced within four years. This ensures that all of our equipment is dependable and can get the job done efficiently. If needed, we can supply our machines at short notice, as well as a team of subcontractors, operators, and other professionals to assist with the project.We also have a workshop, as well as a team of mechanics, fitters and welders. This allows us to quickly fix any equipment emergencies so you can get back to work. We understand that you have a schedule and deadline to maintain, which is why we provide this unique service.Here are a few of our most popular machines (the individual specification sheet can be viewed by clicking on the machine name):1 x John Deere 323D tracked loader (click for specification sheet)Attachments:

  • General purpose bucket
  • 4 in 1 bucket
  • Rake Bucket
  • Pallet forks
  • Hydraulic auger (150mm to 900mm)
  • Trenching machine (150mm wide 900mm deep)
  • Level / screed bar
  • Hydraulic bucket sweeper
  • Grapple rake bucket

1 x Toyota 5SDK5 – 1300 wide (click for specification sheet)

5 x Toyota 5SDK8 – 1600 wide (click for specification sheet)


  • General Purpose Bucket
  • 4 in 1 bucket
  • Rake Bucket
  • Pallet Forks
  • Hydraulic Auger (150mm to 900mm)
  • Trenching Machine (150mm wide 900mm deep)
  • Level / Screed Bar
  • Hydraulic Bucket Sweeper
  • Grapple Rake Bucket
  • Debris Undercutter

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Tips for Hiring a Skid Steer

Hiring a Skid Steer can be a tricky undertaking, especially if you have never done it before. Here are some things to keep in mind to get a reliable machine through a trustworthy company:

  • Make sure the company has a large variety of machines and attachments, so that you can efficiently complete all tasks within the project.
  • Check that all pieces of equipment are properly maintained and repaired, as well as frequently serviced, to ensure the safety of your team and property.
  • The hiring company should provide modern and dependable equipment at competitive prices.
  • For wet hires, make sure that the operators are experienced and ticketed on all machines that they operate.
  • If possible, look for hiring companies that have experience on similar projects within your industry.

Some brands Skid Steer available are Toyota, Mustang & Bobcat.

At Trenchbusters, we are committed to each one of these elements. Check the testimonials section of our website to see what our clients are saying about us. Contact us today to hire a Skid Steer for your next project.